Oakley Lynch, only 16 months old as of this writing, is already a star on Instagram with over 22,000 followers, and the subject of numerous news stories last December.

Oakley was born with a limb deficiency condition known as symbrachydactyly. During his mother’s pregnancy, the parents were concerned about his well-being. But soon after he was born, things worked out: Greg, Oakley’s father, said he found himself “immensely proud”.

Victoria, Oakley’s mother, eventually started an Instagram account for this good-looking child. Greg soon bought into the idea as well: “I wanted people to see him straight away and to see he’s no different from anyone else. I think it’s brilliant that it’s spreading the word of limb deficiency or just generally children being different leading normal lives.”

The social media presence has been a completely positive experience for the family. Besides scoring him free clothing from boutiques around the world, (many of it fitted for his shorter arm,) it’s connected him with hundreds of other children around the world with similar conditions.

Victoria and Greg are both excited about the technology and the prospect of prosthetic arms when Oakley is older. In the meantime, they are encouraging the boy to use his arm without a prosthetic, because they don’t want Oakley to ever think that they are hiding away what he has.