We’re very excited to bring you the Everyday Folk Market, a new retail and food experience coming to the Enabling Village every quarter.

The first of these weekend markets happens on 23 April, 4pm to 9pm. Brought to you by the great folks at The Local People, the Enabling Village’s car parks and open spaces will be transformed into stalls for crafts, food and artisanal knick-knacks. The market will feature both local market favourites and Enabling Village tenants.

Everyday Folk Market won’t just be a shopper’s affair. If you’re an aspiring singer-songwriter, join our open-mic session and get your music in front of a live audience. The Band of Doodlers also returns to the Enabling Village to create an art wall and decorated furniture, right before your eyes. We’ll also be screening recent short-film favorites from local studio The Little Red Ants.

The Family Time Precious Time @ Enabling Village event happens on the same day, so there’s something for the whole family too.

See you here on 23 April!