Getting too comfortable during the festive season? Keep fit during the Festive season with ActiveSG workout classes.

Zumba Fitness: “Ditch the workout – Join the party!” Get into shape by joining the Zumba.

Piloxing: PILOXING  is a unique blend of the power, speed and agility of boxing with the targeted sculpting and flexibility of Pilates.

Pilates: A holistic workout that gets you back in tune with your body as you stretch and strengthen muscles and joints, improve flexibility, tone up and eliminate pent-up tension.

CardioMix: Want variety in your workout? Experience an interesting combination of CarioBOX, Aerobics and Body Sculpting all in one lesson.

Bolly Dazz: 

Hatha Yoga L1: Rejuvenate, heal and tone up to a brand new you with Hatha Yoga. A holistic way in attaining overall wellness in your body and mind.

Fitness Dance & Strength Training: A programme to help you focus on cardio and improve their strength.

[for seniors]

MasterFit@EV: A full-body workout that focuses on cardiovascular, strength and balance training. [for seniors]

Let’s Get Functional! A functional fitness workout that target multi-muscles group.

Balancing Exercise & Cardio Mix: A programme to help you improve balance, coordination and to improve your cardio. [for seniors]

Cardio Exercise: As you age, losses in aerobic capacity and muscle strength can reduce your endurance and stamina. A simple cardio exercise of movements of hands and legs. [for seniors]

Basic Taiijiquan: Low-impact exercise that improve physical balance, blood circulation and lower blood pressure.

We also offer an orientation of our gym to new users. The programme will help you understand how to use our cardiovascular machines, stack weights and special, low-impact HUR equipment.

To register, call 6265 1292 or email to