Office tasks that we take for granted–reading and writing documents, for example–can be significant challenges for people who have impaired vision. It’s easy to assume that people who can’t see clearly also cannot work in the office–until we realise that basic tools, like document magnifiers, may be all that’s needed for them be productive at work.

After spending six months searching for a job, Muhammad Firdaus Bin Sarifi got in touch with SG Enable. SG Enable helped place Firdaus in a customer service position at the Syriah Court, and the office to identify and purchase magnifier equipment that lets Firdaus read documents on his desk and his computer.

In this video, Firdaus takes us behind the service counter at the Syriah Court to show us the tools that he uses every day.

SG Enable’s Open Door Programme, by the way, supports job redesign, workplace accommodation and training for new and existing employees who have disabilities.