uberASSIST, the car hire service that helps passengers with special mobility needs to travel independently, has been expanded. Launched as a pilot for a select group of riders in 2015, Uber has increased the number of uberASSIST certified drivers in Singapore from 70 to more than 500.

Uber has been working with the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) to launch the improved version of uberASSIST. All uberASSIST drivers undergo a basic training developed by the AIC, and are trained by qualified professionals, so that they can assist riders with disabilities or mobility devices to board and alight from their cars.

Car hire services for passengers with special needs are in demand

According to government statistics, over 500,000 Singaporeans are aged 65 and above with more than 15 percent having some form of disabilities. Most of them live independently at home, but need help while transferring from a wheelchair to a car, or assistance getting in and out of the vehicle.

How do you use uberASSIST? You don’t have to install a different app; just fire up the standard Uber app. Select your destination, and tap on the uberASSIST option. Confirm your booking and your ride will be there in minutes. uberASSIST is priced similar to uberX.