Mount Alvernia’s Outreach Medical Clinic has expanded to include a dental clinic catered to persons with disabilities

The Mount Alvernia Outreach Medical Clinic at Enabling Village welcomed a new addition this August – a dental clinic serving specifically to the dental needs of persons with disabilities.

“The decision for a disability-inclusive clinic, catering to the disadvantaged and marginalised, came about due to the growing need for special care dentistry. We foresee an increase in the number of dental patients who may need personalised care such as those with special needs or mobility issues. We selected Enabling Village because it is designed for ease of movement and participation by persons with disabilities, and the location in the Redhill community is of close proximity to several HDB public rental flats and social service agencies,”  Ms Anthea Neo, Assistant Director and Head of Community Outreach at  Mount Alvernia Hospital shares.

The dental clinic and the Mount Alvernia Outreach Medical Clinic are located on the second floor in Playground Block, bringing the total area to over 133 sqm. It will also have the same accessible design as the medical clinic including sliding doors and large entrances. The clinic space provides ease for persons with disabilities to maneuver and has a low registration counter, a wheelchair tilter for dental procedures, and dedicated quiet space for persons with disabilities and their caregivers as they wait for their consultation appointments. Furthermore, each dental appointment is spaced out with longer appointment times; allowing users to familiarise themselves with the clinic environment before the dental procedure begins.

The clinic is spacious and has a low registration counter to allow ease of movement for persons with disabilities.

The spacious clinic has a low registration counter to allow easy access for persons with disabilities.

The dental services which include routine scaling, polishing, filling and extraction are provided by the dentists from KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) as part of the partnership between the two hospitals. It complements the services offered by the medical clinic which includes general practitioner consultation and medication for the management of common acute illnesses and the prevention and management of simple chronic conditions.

“We wanted to be part of the ecosystem of making public spaces all-accessible and inclusive”, added Ms Neo. Besides benefiting persons with disabilities, the two clinics are open to ex-offenders, victims of human trafficking, isolated seniors, foreign workers who are not covered by company insurance, vulnerable children and families. Mount Alvernia Hospital is one of many tenants with a long-standing partnership with Enabling Village, and offer various programmes and services to persons with disabilities.

A wheelchair tilter is installed for wheelchair users when they undergo dental procedures

A wheelchair tilter is installed for wheelchair users for convenience when they undergo dental procedures

The medical clinic at Enabling Village which opened back in 2015 was the first of Mount Alvernia Hospital’s community outreach medical clinics with the second one opening at Agape Village. The medical clinic at Enabling Village has served 227 persons with disabilities since 2017.

At the Mount Alvernia Outreach Medical and Dental Clinic, persons with disabilities who hold the Persons with Disabilities Concession Card, Development Disability Registry Identity Card or any disability membership card issued by the various disability service providers or special education schools will enjoy subsidised rates. For medical, the flat fee is $15 per visit and covers consultation, medication as well as lab investigations if required, while for dental, it is $30 per visit. Those with a valid Mount Alvernia outreach clinic membership and CHAS/PG/MG/PA card will enjoy further subsidies. For the rest including the public, the cost for medical ranges from $20 to $50 for the consultation excluding medication, while for dental, the fees are standard rates.

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