To welcome the 2023 Chinese zodiac animal, B.P. de Silva Holdings collaborated with i’mable Collective to produce a silver rabbit ornament.

From Metta School, 11-year-old Kai Rui’s Chinese painting style stood out among other artworks submitted and was selected by B.P. de Silva, forming the design foundation for this project.

Kai Rui has been learning Chinese painting for 3 years and took about an hour to complete the painting of the rabbit and two carrots.

B.P. de Silva fashioned a set of two rabbits and two radishes out of 55.285g of 925 silver from Kai Rui’s Chinese calligraphy painting of a rabbit and two radishes.

To further the reach and impact of this partnership, we engaged trainees from MINDS to assemble the product and pack them into boxes. Trainers and trainees from MINDS underwent a training session with B.P. de Silva’s trainer, who demonstrated the end-to-end process of assembling the product, and shared tips and ways to work around potential areas of challenge.

With the foundation training session, MINDS trainers improvised and made use of polymer clay prototypes and reusable acrylic bases to build up trainees’ confidence. Through the trials with polymer clay, trainers also pin-point training efforts on problem areas ahead of the actual product assembly, to ensure the actual assembly process goes smoothly, and end products are perfect.

This product, entitled The Brightest Spring, represents our hopes for greater inclusion for persons with disabilities, within our community.

The Brightest Spring retails for $388 before GST at Design Orchard with all proceeds supporting SG Enable to catalyse new programmes at Enabling Village, an inclusive community space in Singapore dedicated to integrating persons with disabilities in society.

The Brightest Spring is a collaborative effort between i’mable Collective makers – Metta and MINDS, together with enterprise partner B.P. de Silva Holdings.