Taking a creative step towards a greener Singapore with Trash-Sure

Singapore is playing its part via the SG Green Plan 2030 to reach its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) and long-term low emission development goals as part of global efforts to stop the Earth’s temperature from rising above the pre-industrial level of 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Using art, Trash-Sure aims to call attention to the severity of our climate crisis and inspire urgent and purposeful actions to protect Planet Earth. To launch this campaign, world renowned artivist Bordalo II from Portugal, upcycled trash collected from all over Singapore to create a 7 x 10m tall sculpture of the critically endangered Sumatran Tiger. This form of street art serves to raise the alarm on our wasteful habits out in public to tackle issues on pollution and its effects on wildlife.

Source: Green Drinks Singapore, 2022

This magnificent sculpture takes prime position at the SG50 lattice located at Gardens by the Bay.

As part of the campaign, the Art of Trash competition serves as a platform for anyone to take a creative step towards a greener and sustainable Singapore.

Enabling Village, an inclusion partner of this campaign, is delighted to share that three persons with disabilities who participated in the competition have been shortlisted as finalists!

Meet the Finalists

Allan Cai

Source: Instagram @trashsuresg, 2023

Allan is a huge advocate in protecting our planet. In his art piece, he promoted the 3 Rs – reduce, reuse, and recycle and encourages everyone to play their part in practicing them.

During his participation in the competition, he found most meaning in discussing issues related to food waste. He enjoyed the brainstorming process about the competition and getting to install the art piece together as a family.

He further explained that climate change is a very important issue as it has an effect in our lives, and uses the flooding and recent bad weather in Singapore as an example. Through his art piece, he wishes to share the importance of protecting our earth by reducing food waste.

Siew Ling

Source: Instagram @trashsuresg, 2023

Together with her partner Shannon, Siew Ling used recycled materials such as plastic bottles and paper to raise awareness about protecting our environment.

Siew Ling shared her following sentiments about her participation in the competition. She said, “It was an amazing experience participating in the Art of Trash competition. I had a wonderful partner, Shannon, and even colleagues who came together to create this dynamic installation. It was remarkable to see how we managed to transform materials that we typically wouldn’t think twice about tossing, like plastic bottles and recycled paper, into something colourful that can be used to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our environment.”

With her artwork, she hopes to encourage everyone to be mindful of our actions and make a conscious effort in our purchasing choices through using biodegradable products and reducing single use plastics.

Shalom Lim

Source: Instagram @trashsuresg, 2023

Shalom aims to promote environmental sustainability and raise community awareness on the perils of unethical greenwashing practices by corporates through his art piece.

Through this competition, he shared that he cherished his opportunity to spend meaningful time with his family through art. He further explained, “I thoroughly enjoyed being able to put our minds together for the greater purpose of promoting environmental sustainability and raising community awareness on the perils of not taking the threat of unethical greenwashing practices by corporates seriously”

He hopes that everyone can be conscious of the environmental repercussions of their daily use of non-biodegradable materials and products, and make an effort to minimise that action as much as possible.

The Exhibition of the Finalists

Show your support for these three incredible finalists at The Exhibition of Finalists from 9th March to 12th March at the Cannonball Calabash Room at Gardens by the Bay where their art pieces will be showcased.

The Art of Trash Exhibition

Following this exhibition, all nine winners from the primary, secondary and open category of the competition will be featured in the Art of Trash Exhibition held at the Ang Mo Kio Public Library from 16th March to 13th April. Learn more about sustainable living and witness their creativity of upcycle art.

To learn more about the event, visit http://www.trash-sure.com/