In February 2023, our enterprise partner, Kayloo Design conducted two capability building workshops with members from Muscular Dystrophy Association Singapore (MDAS).

Through this workshop, six members from MDAS had the opportunity to learn how to create digital illustrations and patterns through an iPad. They learnt to use the Apple Pencil, as well as the basic functions of Procreate, an intuitive drawing app most commonly used by digital artists.

Digital artworks created by members from MDAS

After two sessions, the artists created colourful and bold digital artworks. Kayloo Design plans to collaborate with MDAS to adapt some of these artworks onto notebooks, which makes one of their many range of products available.

Muscular dystrophy, a group of diseases which causes progressive weakness and loss of muscle, can hinder the patient’s mobility which makes everyday tasks such as lifting a pen difficult. Reflecting on the session, founder of Kayloo Design, Kristin Loo said “Despite the challenges they faced lifting and putting pressure on a pen, as well as reaching iPad buttons (actions we take for granted), I was inspired by how determined they were to keep on going to create something beautiful”

Through this hand-on session, Kayloo Design hopes that they enjoyed exploring digital art, which could open up a new world of possibility for them and empower them to create more beautiful artworks.

About Kayloo Design

Kayloo Design, founded by Kristin Loo, seeks to inspire thought and awe through uncovering hidden beauty and potential. The company creates original artwork for lifestyle products and brands, delivering joy and wonder through bright, contemporary designs. View their catalogue here.

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