Group photo consisting of partners, facilitators and participants involved in this Pilot Programme

We learnt so much about how to support and uplift the visually impaired (VI) community at Accessible Sights! Organised by Beyond Vision International (BVI) and Trigger Design Studio, the event was held at Enabling Village on 24 February 2024, the first of three sessions.

Accessible Sights is a pilot multi-sensorial programme that seeks to provide equal access and foster community cohesion for the VI community. It is particularly meaningful as it was supported by VI facilitators from SAVH and Guide Dogs Association, as well as sighted student volunteers from SMU and NUS.

Our participants using Tactile-Audio interaction System (TAIS) and guide book

Participants got the chance to experience BVI’s proprietary Tactile-Audio Interaction System (TAIS) in action, which leverages tactile print and touch activated audio. They were given an audio-tactile guide book, and tactile plaques were also set up around Enabling Village. This experiential TAIS activation allowed VI participants an opportunity to enjoy Enabling Village to its fullest.

In fact, Enabling Village was strategically chosen as the venue to launch the programme as it has pioneered several first-of-its-kind initiatives such as an inclusive preschool and gym. Similarly, Accessible Sights has the potential to be extended to other places in Singapore, elevating the arts, nature and venue experiences for the VI community.

VI participants attended to by a sighted partner

Experiencing Our Space Beyond Sight

The programme started off with an outdoor walkthrough facilitated by a VI facilitator, who introduced the brilliant inclusive facilities and spots available such as the Terrace, Kindle Garden as well as our inclusive Active SG gym. The aim of this programme is to showcase how Enabling Village welcomes people of all abilities, including the VI community.

Through engaging anecdotes and detailed descriptions of where we were, where we were headed, as well as height and colour of objects allowed VIs to fully grasp the space.

Guided by a sighted partner, a VI participant feels through the tactile guide book

A great example of describing visual imagery creatively was through the use of the tactile guide book, which VI participants used to touch the textures and piece together the Parrot Art Mural.

VI participants guided on embossing their own art mural onto paper

After the guided walkthrough, participants got the chance to bring home their very own tactile souvenir at the Embossing Station. Using the embossing machine, participants learnt how to emboss their own art mural on a piece of paper.

Fostering Inclusion for the Visually Impaired

More than just an event, Accessible Sights enabled the VI community with the opportunity to experience physical environments in a whole different way. It also raises awareness of innovative technologies such as the TAIS that we hope can be integrated into more venue experiences. By starting these initiatives, we hope to inspire more concepts to be replicated in Singapore and beyond for persons with visual impairment.

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SG Enable is proud to have facilitated this Singapore-Hong Kong collaboration and activated the pilot programme at Enabling Village through partial funding from the Goh Chok Tong Enable Fund.