Interior of Tech Able, the assistive technology centre

Tech Able: Assistive technologies at the Enabling Village

Enabling Village is home to Tech Able, an assistive technology centre jointly managed by SG Enable and SPD. It aims to promote the adoption of assistive technologies, so as to enable persons with disabilities to live, travel, learn and work independently.

Tech Able is:

  • A Smart Home and Infocomm Technology Showcase: You can explore a wide range of assistive technologies that meet various needs and budgets. You can explore and interact with accessible and universally designed assistive technologies for work and living spaces.
  • An Innovation Space: You can look to organise events and workshops in this space. We welcome Innovators, makers, technology start-ups to discuss, test ideas and share information on assistive technology.
  • A Centre with Assistive Technology Consultation, Assessment and Training Services: Look for advice on adoption of appropriate assistive technologies with SPD’s assistive technology specialists. These professionals will be on site to provide consultation, assessment and training services for persons with disabilities.
  • An Assistive Technology Showcase and Loan Library: Explore a range of devices and learn about the different considerations in choosing appropriate solutions to meet your needs. Assistive technology solutions are also available for loan to persons with disabilities.
  • An experiential room: You can testbed products for the visually- and hearing-impaired in a fully-equipped soundproof, lightproof room.

Tech Able is open on weekdays from 9am to 5.30pm. For collaboration opportunities, write to

To request for a therapist appointment to assess your needs, download the Assistive Technology Referral Form (pdf) and complete pages 1 and 2. You should also complete page 3 if you need an assessment for Augmentative and Alternative Communications (AAC). Please email the completed form to and you will be contacted for an appointment. For more information, please call 6473 0446.