Interior of Tech Able, the assistive technology centre

Tech Able: Assistive technologies at the Enabling Village

The Enabling Village is home to Tech Able, an integrated assistive technology space. An initiative by SG Enable and SPD, Tech Able provides assistive device assessment services, while doubling as a technology showcase.

Tech Able is:

  • A workspace: Collaborate with other innovators, makers and marketers. Test your ideas and products with both able-bodied and disabled users.
  • An experiential space: You can testbed products for the visually- and hearing-impaired in a fully-equipped soundproof, lightproof room.
  • A communications lab: A laboratory with computers fully equipped with assistive peripheral technologies. We train information workers who have disabilities. Our qualified therapists (from the SPD, formerly the Society for the Physically Disabled) will provide assessment services.
  • An assistive technologies showroom: Get assistive technology ideas for your home and office from our showcase, which covers a full range of needs and budgets.
  • An independent living showcase: Visitors will see universal design and assistive technologies in the context of a simulated living and working space. This helps users with disabilities make informed decisions about assistive technologies for their offices and home.

Tech Able is open on weekdays from 9am to 5.30pm. To make an appointment with our specialists or for collaboration opportunities, write to