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The Digital for Life Festival brings together people from all walks of life across Singapore to learn, explore and play a part with technology. Have fun and interact with technology as a family, while picking up tips to boost your digital knowledge and skills. Join us to discover the importance of cyber wellness, as well as experience how digital brings new possibilities, enriches lives, and empowers the vulnerable.

In conjunction with Digital for Life Festival 2022, Enabling Village will play host to several events and workshops for everyone, including persons with disabilities, to learn new digital skills and explore new technologies. Read on to find out more details.

Workshops (Registration Required)

1) Explore Enabling Village with AR/VR

    • Venue & Time: NEST Grandstand, 10am-12pm
    • Partner: LDR
    • Description: Experience Enabling Village (EV) in an exciting new way with LDR, an award-winning technology start up, on the IPLUS Locomole App! Watch your surroundings come to life with AR and discover 7 fascinating places with your smartphone. Sign up for the workshop now and receive a complimentary gift at the end of the session.
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/exploring-sg-enable-village-with-arvr

2) Accessibility features on Office 365 Apps for persons with disabilities

    • Venue & Time: Multimedia Training Lab 1, 11:30am – 12:30pm
    • Partner: Edukinect
    • Description: Microsoft Office 365 apps work almost seamlessly with assistive technology and accessibility setting on most devices. Some of these tools can enhance reading and writing experience for people of all disabilities. Participants to bring along their own smartphone. Participants should have some basic knowledge of what is Microsoft Office and some of commonly used apps for work.
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/accessibility-features-on-office-365-apps-for-pwds

3) Basics of Microsoft Excel for jobseekers with disabilities 

    • Venue & Time: Multimedia Training Lab 1, 10:30am – 11:30am
    • Partner: Edukinect
    • Description: Excel course for beginners where we share with participants some of the basic features that will help us filter, sort and work with numbers or data that are needed at the workplace. Participants to bring along their own smartphone. Participants should have some basic knowledge of what is Microsoft Excel and some of commonly used apps for work.
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/basics-of-microsoft-excel-for-pwd-job-seekers

4) Accessibility features on Android for PwDs

    • Venue & Time: Multimedia Training Lab 1, 12pm-1pm
    • Partner: Edukinect
    • Description: Smartphones are useful, not just for making calls but also to help us navigate the city or read directions or content on our screen. Find out how the accessibility options can not only help you at work but also in your daily lives. Participants to bring along their own smartphone.
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/accessibility-features-on-android-for-pwds.

5) Digital skills workshop for persons with disabilities

    • Venue & Time: Multimedia Training Lab 1, 2pm-5pm
    • Partner: Hatch
    • Description: The Hatch Workshop is targeted at youths with special needs and who are interested in the digital industry to explore and discover if they would like to commit to a digital career.
    • The workshop will focus on
      – Industry discovery and exploration
      – Career Advisory
      – Building a digital portfolioYouths should have a good knowledge of computer literacy and keenness in digital career.
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/build-your-digital-portfolio-with-hatch

6) E-accessibility workshop for persons with disabilities by SG Enable

    • Venue & Time: TechAble, 10am-6pm
    • Description: This is a workshop for persons with disabilities, with the aim of sharing what e-accessibility means and the best practices for e-accessibility, along with hands-on training on e-accessibility testing.
    • Learn the know-hows to provide feedback on improving e-accessibility standards and more in this 3 hour workshop:
      • What e-accessibility means
        • Principles of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and best practices for e-accessibility
        • Hands-on training on e-accessibility testing
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/eaccessbility-workshop-for-persons-with-disabilities

7) UOB x Central Singapore CDC My Digital Bootcamp – Game Design Workshop

    • Venue & Time: Classroom 1 & 3, 2pm-4pm
    • Partner: UOB x Central Singapore CDC
    • Description: Gaming is one of the biggest industries in the world, and is worth more than the whole movie and sports industry combined currently.
    • Learn the fundamentals of game design and create your own racing games. By making use of Roblox’s own unique LUA language, unleash your creativity and create fantastical worlds to explore in and discover with your friends!
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/uob-x-central-cdc-my-digital-bootcamp—game-design-workshop

8) UOB x Central Singapore CDC My Digital Bootcamp – Virtual Reality (VR) Workshop

9) ReMakeIt Laptop Repair

    • Venue & Time: Classroom 2, 10 am – 1 pm, 2 pm – 5 pm
    • Partner: Engineering Good
    • Description: Are you curious about what a laptop looks like on the inside? Join us in our ReMakeIt Laptop Repair Workshop to find out!
    • During the workshop you will learn basic knowledge and skills to take apart and fix a laptop
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/remakeit-laptop-repair



1) Mobility Assistance for the Visually Impaired and Selected Users (MAVIS)

    • Venue & Time: UOB Ability Hub, Hall 1, 10am-6pm
    • Partner: LTA
    • Description: Delve into MAVIS, an app designed for the visually impaired. Through the app, the user is given personalised real-time trip information about the desired bus.The app also communicates with the bus Fleet Management System so that the bus captain will be forewarned when the MAVIS user is boarding or alighting at the next stop. Interested parties are welcome to come down and try MAVIS out on Sunday 29 May.
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/mobility-assistance-for-the-visually-impaired-and-selected-users-mavis.

2) Smart Barrier Free Access (SmartBFA)

    • Venue & Time: UOB Ability Hub, Hall 1, 10am-6pm
    • Partner: Mercurics
    • Description: Discover SmartBFA, a navigation tool to help wheelchair users find barrier-free access paths, reducing travel distance and time.Understand the day-to-day issues wheelchair users face when it comes to navigating around Singapore. Also, learn how SmartBFA functions as a navigation tool to help wheelchair users find barrier-free access paths, thereby reducing travel distance and time.
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/smart-barrier-free-access-smartbfa

3) A gamechanger for the accessibility space: The WRAEK Force Pad

    • Venue & Time: UOB Ability Hub, Hall 1, 10am-6pm
    • Partner: WRAEK
    • Description: Discover the multi-purpose input device that allows individuals with physical and intellectual disabilities to use it for both their daily accessibility functions as well as their recreational needs.Developed by R&D start-up, Wraek, it allows users to use any part of their upper torso to control functionalities such as a cursor, scrolling, keyboard emulation, and shortcuts activation. Experience it yourself at our booth.
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/a-gamechanger-for-the-accessibility-space-the-wraek-force-pad.

4) Using technology to aid in stroke recovery

    • Venue & Time: UOB Ability Hub 1, Hall 1, 10am-6pm
    • Partner: NUS-ISS
    • Description: Due to the shortage of healthcare workers in Singapore, stroke survivors often have limited face time with their therapist.Find out how we can use the Intelligent Stroke Rehabilitation System to help reduce the burden on the caregiver and therapist and aid in hand motor skill recovery.
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/using-technology-to-aid-in-stroke-recovery

5) Project Pensieve, using AI to detect dementia

6) Artably – Learn to Make Digital Art

7) EySEE! Discover assistive technology devices

    • Venue & Time: Caregivers Pod, 10am-6pm
    • Partner: Singapore National Eye Centre
    • Description: EySee is a mobile application that tests visual acuity and is a brainchild of the SNEC Digital Transformation Office. “Try the features on the app at the testing stations and be accompanied by SNEC staff to install and use the app to test your vision health.
    • Link: https://www.digitalforlife.gov.sg/festival2022/eysee-discover-assistive-technology-devices
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