Useful Smart Home Devices for Persons with Disabilities


For persons with disabilities, smart home devices can transform their lives by enabling greater convenience and independence. For instance, Yuki Neoh, who is hearing impaired, sometimes misses deliveries even when she is at home because she cannot hear the ringing of the doorbell or the knocking on the door. With the use of a vibration […]

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Creating Good Captions for an Inclusive Community

Imagine going to the cinema to watch a movie that has had its sound removed with no captions. You may be able to guess some of what the characters are saying, but it may be difficult to understand what is happening and to immerse yourself in the experience.

This is a problem that persons […]

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7 highly instragrammable spots in the Enabling Village

If you’re a regular follower of the Enabling Village on social media, you’ll know there’s quite a few spots in our community space that look great on Instagram or Facebook, with and without filters. […]

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6 tools that belong in every blind person’s kitchen

According to a survey by the Health Promotion Board in 2010, 60% of Singaporeans ate out at least 4 times a week. Eating out is a convenient and cheap option in this country, but this lifestyle makes a balanced nutritional intake a challenge.

It’s doubly challenging when you have a visual impairment. Most kitchen activities are […]

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How to set up a smart home for people with disabilities: We ask an expert

Smart home technology has been one of the most exciting recent developments for independent living. […]

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Exuberance and diversity takes centre stage at True Colours Festival

True Colours is one of the few concerts in the world that provide a centre-stage platform for artists with disabilities. Held in Singapore for the first time 23 – 25 March, the event featured the biggest acts by artists with disabilities from across the Asia Pacific, Brazil, Canada, and Scotland.


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Can virtual reality and the smart watch help children with special needs to travel independently?

When it comes to travelling to school and work, the special needs parent has much to worry about: Will my child get lost? Will they know what to do if they get into an accident? Who can help if they get into a meltdown? […]

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Need a toy for a special-needs child? Just hack the one you have

Toys and playthings are extremely important for the development of children. They helping children develop cognitive and motor skills, and stimulates their creativity.

Unfortunately, not all children have easy access to toys. […]

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Could a robot help preschool kids learn better?

Pre-schoolers are not known for their patience. They’d love to do anything but sit and listen to a teacher […]

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4 things you may have missed at Tote Board’s A Good Day Out carnival

On 10 February, we checked out A Good Day Out, a carnival at Gardens by the Bay organised by the Tote Board to commemorate their 30th anniversary. It was a rocking good time: performances by Joanna Dong and the Sam Willows, hands-on disability awareness workshops, carnival staples like balloon sculpting and hand painting, and of […]

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