Could a robot help preschool kids learn better?

Pre-schoolers are not known for their patience. They’d love to do anything but sit and listen to a teacher […]

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4 things you may have missed at Tote Board’s A Good Day Out carnival

On 10 February, we checked out A Good Day Out, a carnival at Gardens by the Bay organised by the Tote Board to commemorate their 30th anniversary. It was a rocking good time: performances by Joanna Dong and the Sam Willows, hands-on disability awareness workshops, carnival staples like balloon sculpting and hand painting, and of […]

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Roger Pen: The hearing solution for all occasions?

The idea behind the Roger Pen is simple: A discrete, wireless directional microphone that you place in your pocket or on a conference room table, piping sound directly into your hearing aid. […]

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Uber expands on-demand car hire service for disabled and senior riders

uberASSIST, the car hire service that helps passengers with special mobility needs to travel independently, has been expanded. […]

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A spoon that holds itself steady even if your hand can’t

If your hands shake and you can’t keep them steady, eating can be a messy, embarrassing affair. You’ve probably even contemplated taking food exclusively from plastic tumblers through a straw.

The problem is more common than many of us think: Essential tremors and Parkinson’s disease affect more than 10 million people worldwide.

Research into self-stabilizing tableware has […]

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Two student groups. A common love for art and special-needs children. One unique project.

In January this year, Nicolette, a 17-year-old student from School of the Arts (SOTA), had an idea about reaching out to children with special needs. She gathered 8 friends and came up with an art programme for children as young as preschoolers to learn different art forms: Visual arts, dance, music and theatre.

And they quickly made […]

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Disability employment award winners: High-performing teams work the same way, with or without disabilities

Last July, the 2017 Enabling Employers Award celebrated the achievements of over 70 firms and individuals in Singapore that supports employees with disabilities at the workplace.  […]

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CrossFit for people with disabilities. Because why not.

There were 7 people training at the Innervate CrossFit gym when we visited. Each was doing a slightly different exercise specially catered to them: Some were training deadlifts, others working out with the kettlebells.

Innervate CrossFit is, at the moment, the only CrossFit gym in Singapore to have a programme for persons with disabilities.

An athletic lifestyle […]

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Not sure how to assist someone with a disability? This game can help.

It’s hard for able-bodied people to imagine what daily living is like for people with disabilities. And that makes it hard for them to help.

Local social enterprise, Enabled Singapore, is developing a mobile phone-based life simulation game called Enabler to teach players how to assist and care for persons with disabilities and senior citizens. Developed […]

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3 storytellers to take note of at the Story Carnival

This coming long weekend, Enabling Village becomes the stage for a storytelling extravaganza.  […]

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