Not sure how to assist someone with a disability? This game can help.

It’s hard for able-bodied people to imagine what daily living is like for people with disabilities. And that makes it hard for them to help.

Local social enterprise, Enabled Singapore, is developing a mobile phone-based life simulation game called Enabler to teach players how to assist and care for persons with disabilities and senior citizens. Developed […]

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3 storytellers to take note of at the Story Carnival

This coming long weekend, Enabling Village becomes the stage for a storytelling extravaganza.  […]

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Two social enterprises doing good for the disability community (that we chatted up at the Festival for Good)

The Festival For Good event at Singapore Management University on 19 August was a tour of the wonderful world of the social enterprises in Singapore, with products ranging from health and wellness, to fashion and lifestyle—all with the aim of creating a positive impact on our world.

Besides a pop-up market, the Festival For Good hosted […]

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A theatre that even kids with sensory needs can enjoy

PLAYtime! is an interactive theatre series for children aged two to four years old produced and presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay.  […]

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An independent life through assistive technology? Think bigger.

Every now and then during his presentation, Garry Hills would gush about the Apple products he’s explaining. “I don’t mean to come across as an Apple fan,” he takes care to preface, “but their products really makes independent living possible. They’re all accessible out of the box.”

It’s a tall claim, more likely to come from […]

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Largest platform for visual artists with disabilities opens

Very Special Arts (VSA) Singapore is holding its annual art exhibition with the theme of “Welcome to Paradise” this year at Changi City Point Basement Atrium.

The event showcases about 100 artworks by more than 35 artists. It is the largest platform for artists with disabilities to achieve financial independence through art. All artworks exhibited are on sale.

VSA […]

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Team Singapore wins bronze at BISFED 2017 Asia and Oceania Championships

Team Singapore clinched a bronze at the BISFED 2017 Asia and Oceania Championships this May in Hong Kong.

The team comprised Nurulasyigah binte Mohammad Taha (32), Toh Sze Ning (23), and Faye Lim (19). The bronze is in the BC3 category, for players with limited motor function on all four limbs and use assistive devices, such as […]

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5 activities for kids with disabilities this June holidays (and beyond)

We’re a little past the mid-point for this school holidays, but many of you parents are still looking out for activities you can do with your kids. Check out our pick of children’s programmes that are friendly to kids who have disabilities.

1. Quiet Mondays at National Museum

As part of its Children’s Season line-up, the […]

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This social enterprise serving Italian comfort food to kids has a vision for an inclusive future

My NoNNa’s is a social enterprise that hires people with intellectual disabilities in Singapore.

Ms Geraldine Tan, Founder and CEO of the Italian comfort food chain, believes that individuals with intellectual disabilities should not stay at home and be allowed to withdraw into themselves; they should work and integrate with society. “When they stay at home, […]

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7 things we learned about inclusive art at the 2017 Arts and Disabilities Forum

During a workshop at the 2017 Art and Disability Forum, participants were asked to pair up, hold a single pen, and draw a pineapple in two minutes.

The activity had two rules: They were to have a clear idea of how to draw the fruit, and not to give way. They were also not to […]

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