This boy with autism gets the best gift—twice—from a taxi company

Children on the Autism Spectrum often have a particular attachment to specific objects. It may change over time, or it may be lifelong. These can be music, art, computers, car registration numbers, bus timetables, or Thomas the Tank Engine.

These objects of attachment can be a great source of comfort, because time spent with these […]

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A little technology is all it takes to open up job opportunities

Office tasks that we take for granted–reading and writing documents, for example–can be significant challenges for people who have impaired vision. It’s easy to assume that people who can’t see clearly also cannot work in the office–until we realise that basic tools, like document magnifiers, may be all that’s needed for them be productive at work.

After spending […]

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Motivated mothers tell how early intervention helped their kids with their special needs

Mrs Lenny Lee’s 4 year old son is cheerful and bubbly, and can read and sing. Mrs Christina Cheng’s 6 year old boy is happy and affectionate.

That is why when the children were diagnosed with autism, both mothers were taken by surprise.

Mrs Cheng recounts, “The first time the doctor told us, we didn’t believe him, […]

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These guys modified a jeep so that a kid with special needs can learn to drive

Ruo En, eight, has cerebral palsy. Twice a week she visits Tech Able, an assistive technology centre run jointly by SG Enable and SPD, to learn how to communicate using the iPad.

But that’s not all she’s learning these days. Since February, she’s also been learning how to drive.

Her choice of ride is a toy jeep […]

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How to hire and train people with intellectual disabilities

Tay Ann Shun works at Pope Jai Thai, a local restaurant that employs people with intellectual disabilities. What allows him to perform his duties, which range from receiving stocks of ingredients to preparing food to serving customers, is thoughtful job design, simple work innovations, and an open mind and heart on the part of his […]

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How to train a photographer: A day with Bob Lee

In March, TODAY featured Bob Lee, veteran photojournalist and photography trainer for youths with varied disabilities. 

We caught up with Bob and with his student Joshua Yeo during the latter’s gig as event photographer at the 2016 National Occupational Therapy Conference at the Enabling Village. Joshua, 24, has autism. His interest in photography has opened up new ways […]

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Heigh-ho: It’s off to work (and training) after the Paralympics

Team Singapore Para Sailor Apple Yap Qian Yin, 27, has been busy juggling her rigorous training and a new job. As a finance executive at Pan Pacific Hotels Group, she manages and consolidates accounts while assisting with preparation of the annual budget, audit schedules and financial statements. Apple shares with us how she manages her […]

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6 things that happened on the Enabling Village’s first para-sports day

On 4 March, we had our first para sports day here in the Enabling Village. The event was organised by Project This Ability, led by a group of students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information from the Nanyang Technological University and their team of volunteers.

It was an incredible range of […]

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Inclusive hiring isn’t just about a barrier-free workplace

Ms Lim Lin Li has been with the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) for about 8 years. […]

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Why using PDFs is a bad idea

Avoid creating documents in PDF format. […]

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