5 artists from last year’s Unlimited Festival whose works you need to see

From the late Mexican painter Frida Kahlo to Stevie Wonder the singer-songwriter, artists have challenged expectations of what people with disabilities can achieve. Art has a way of changing our perceptions of disability, providing a fresh and sometimes daring perspective on disability viewed through the lens of culture. […]

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Fantastical cartographies by a Japanese art savant

Looking at the works of Norimitsu Kokubo is like a glimpse at the drawings we did as children. Details of our surroundings that caught our attention—buildings, cars, people–are reproduced in busy detail; landmarks from different cities stand next to each other, brought together by a simple desire to have our favorite things in a single […]

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Year in review: Singapore’s disability inclusion journey in 2016

2016 has come and gone, so it’s an good time to look back on what happened the past 12 months. It’s been an eventful year, with mass events and major news  as well as some nasty incidents got civic-minded all riled up on the web.


1. The town was painted Purple. Literally.

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5 coolly understated Swedish innovations that’s not IKEA

Swedish design has a history of making things designed to make life easier: the Celsius thermometer, the modern-day zipper, and Skype.

A recent exhibition titled “Design for Dignity” at the National Design Centre showcased made-in-Sweden products that’s designed to improve the quality of life for individuals living with various types of disabilities.

1. Tetra Pak SRA packages: The […]

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Internships at NUH: Experience, growth, and independence for these 4 young people

What happens when youths with special needs graduate from school?

Social challenges, communication barriers and misconceptions about their abilities often impede their chances of getting a job. But for Ivan Ng, Lim Cheng Guan, Phua Jia Yi and Chong Wan Shuen – who are all 20 years old and have varying intellectual disabilities – internships helped […]

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6 things you might have missed at the Enabling Village’s first anniversary

Earlier this month, the Enabling Village celebrated its first anniversary in conjunction with the International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Like all good birthday parties, we had plenty of food, fun and games, entertaining performances and a jolly-good bout of Christmas carolling. (All right, so that last item isn’t typical of birthdays. But surely you won’t […]

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10 times you were accidentally rude to a person with a disability

Whoops! You were just trying help a person in the wheelchair. Now he’s frowning at you. What gives? You were just trying to be nice, right?

Well, if that’s the #StoryOfYourLife, you should check out this list of 10 times you were accidentally rude to a person with a disability.

1. When you spoke to the interpreter […]

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Inclusion is what happens when we can celebrate our disability

With his height and his silver hair and moustache, esteemed disability rights advocate John D. Kemp cuts a commanding figure. And the prosthetic metal clamps he uses in place of hands are a frequent source of curiosity for the ordinary-handed.

Born with a congenital defect that left him without arms and legs, his disability has not […]

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Why biodiversity is totally a metaphor for an inclusive society

Walk into the Enabling Village and the first thing you notice is the greenery—it’s unusually luscious for a community space that’s not a public garden or a park.

Rich vegetation actually covers about half of Enabling Village’s total land area. If you’re a plant geek, you should look closely: Many of the plants are indigenous to […]

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5 tips for levelling up your career from a tech geek

Back in the days of dial-up Internet, coding classes for children were virtually unheard of. But Lim Zui Young, then 11 years old, was already tinkering with html codes on (the now-discontinued) Microsoft FrontPage to create personalised websites, and as well as programming in the Pascal language.

Little did he expect the project would trigger a lifelong interest […]

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