Josephine Ng: Inclusion with a Singaporean flavour

She made headlines when she set up her first social enterprise A-changin, a high-end clothes alteration business that employs and trains disadvantaged women in tailoring skills, six years ago. The company went on to win the President’s Challenge Social Enterprise of the Year in 2012.

Josephine Ng, 47, is formulating her own recipe for success. She […]

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Purple Parade crosses 10,000-strong milestone

The disability inclusion movement that began four years ago at Hong Lim Park crossed a major milestone in 2016, as more than 10,000 people joined the Purple Parade, clad in purple and walking together to show support for those with special needs.

The Purple Parade is a movement that champions equal access to education, jobs, transport […]

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Proof that anyone can benefit from our awesome all-ability fitness corners

We love it when a plan comes together.

While the village was still in the planning stages, different groups of people were involved in research for its design. Besides people with disabilities, we also involved residents of Redhill, because the goal of the village was to be a space for the residents of Redhill and Lengkok […]

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2 people who proved their disabilities to be amazing artistic talents instead

To celebrate 50 years of diplomatic ties between Singapore and Japan, a special event was organised at Paragon Shopping Centre in October: “A Stroke of Genius/The Sound of Silence” featuring celebrated calligrapher Shoko Kanazawa and award-winning Singaporean pianist Dr Azariah Tan.

We caught up with them at the sidelines of their performances for a chat and […]

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What these kids learn in preschool today will shape how society embraces disability in our future

The youngest occupants of the Enabling Village hail from AWWA Kindle Garden, Singapore’s first inclusive preschool.

For parents with special-needs children, Kindle Garden represents a new option among the mainstream schools and early intervention services available. Besides providing both preschool and childcare services, all aspects of Kindle Garden are inclusive: from a curriculum and pedagogy that […]

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4 vacation plans to start you thinking before 2016 ends

School exams for the kids are over, and that means one thing: Vacations. Where should you to go for that waterfall, street food, night market, resort and theme park adventure? If you haven’t finalised your trips yet, it’s time to buy that travel guide and fire up Google Maps for a bit of itinerary planning.

Here’s some ideas and tips […]

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Hiroki Sato: Flamenco by people with disabilities will make you feel all the feels

Unlike the top-billing dancers at past Singapore Flamenco Festivals, the highlight of Hiroki Sato’s performance wasn’t a dazzling piece of rapid-fire footwork. Instead, it was when he stopped his dance to talk.

As the music came to a stop, Sato introduced himself in halting English, slipping occasionally into vosotros instead of we–he’s fluent only in Spanish and Japanese. […]

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How to identify the right assistive tech for yourself: The Australian scene

You can only experience how technology can transform your life, if you know what is out there in the marketplace.

This was what Robyn Chapman, chief executive of Assistive Technology Australia, told us when she was in Singapore in July as a guest speaker at the inaugural E2 Connect forum. An experienced physiotherapist across […]

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Ever wondered how smartphones work when you can’t see? Here’s how.

Everyone and their grandmother use a smartphone these days. The full-colour, poker-card-sized touchscreen was a technological marvel when the first iPhone appeared a decade ago; today we take it for granted everyone knows how a smartphone works.

There’s one group of smartphone features that we overlook the most: The Accessibility features. Features such as reading what’s […]

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Isabelle Lim: See what I see

Street photography is a burgeoning art form in Singapore, with each passing year bringing new talent to the scene. The growth of visual social media has brought snapshots of fascinating and unique perspective to mainstream attention.

Isabelle Lim, 22, is a recent graduate of LaSalle College of the Arts and the inaugural recipient of the Dare to […]

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