4 reasons to let our sports euphoria carry over to the upcoming Paralympics

Singapore’s first Olympic Gold by Joseph Schooling has set the country alight in frenzy. Citizen and celebrity, both from within Singapore and abroad, have stepped forward to congratulate the win.

As our sports heroes return to Singapore and we look to the closing ceremony on 21 August, another international sports event is right on the […]

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The people make the workplace: Two BFFs in a Lengkok Bahru supermarket

The NTUC FairPrice supermarket in the Enabling Village was one of the first to feature assistive devices as automated basket-lifting systems (for lifting heavy loads onto the cashier’s conveyor), wheelchair-friendly trolleys, and call buttons in every aisle for shoppers to use when they need assistance. There’s also plenty of unobvious features: large print labels, wide checkout lanes for wheelchairs and motorised vehicles, and a vinyl […]

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5 more jobs you didn’t know were happening at the Enabling Village


We’ve talked about architectural draughtsmen; cooks and restaurant servers; and the occasional hipster craftsman.

If you’ve ever walked behind the lush greenery and the obviously named “VILLAGE GREEN” block, you may have seen folks focused on other types of work: Cutting jackfruit, planting herbs, packing colorful stationery, and scanning documents.

These are the hard […]

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Move over, Captain America: The champions of Superhero Me are on the way

For the past few months, the Enabling Village has been a base of operations for a new breed of superheroes: More than 80 children and youths from diverse backgrounds, making a stand on social inclusion.

The kids are participants in a ground-up community arts initiative called Superhero Me. They include presechoolers from AWWA Kindle Garden; […]

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What it’s like to smash wheelchairs for sport

‘Murderball’ is what wheelchair rugby used to be called. And for good reason: For spectators, it looks like a cross between rugger and demolition derby. Aurally, it’s a constant clash of metal against wheelchair metal. The atmosphere at a wheelchair rugby game is electric.

Given its reputation, there was a stir in the Singapore wheelchair user community […]

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The inclusive food revolution continues at the Enabling Village: An interview with Chef Edmund Toh

Like a young tree nurtured by experienced growers, The Sapling is a restaurant set up by Singapore Hotel and Tourism Education Centre (SHATEC) to groom aspiring chefs and equip them with the essential culinary experiences. The Sapling is one of several restaurants in Singapore that counts both persons with disabilities and able-bodied persons among […]

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A day at the little CAD studio at the Enabling Village

In an office in the Enabling Village near the NTUC Fairprice supermarket, trainee architecture draughtsmen are hard at work developing drawings of buildings and interiors.

The BIM Studio (BIM stands for Building Information Modelling) is a social enterprise initiated by Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA) alongside architect Yeo Chye Teck of Caide Architects. The startup empowers persons living […]

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Flea market regulars explain what makes an inclusive bazaar awesome

What makes an inclusive community space? Is it the barrier-free facilities? Is it the people?

Is it just the fresh organic produce, tasty nut butters, vegan ice cream and all-day indie music?

We posed these questions to several visitors at last month’s Farmer’s Market here at the Enabling Village, which was organised by the Central Singapore […]

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Homegrown crafters and artists discover new audience at the Enabling Village

The recurring flea market: It’s become the staple of a new breed of shoppers in Singapore. These are shoppers who are constantly looking for unique trinkets, vintage items, and seeking the high of discovering one unique shop after another (that you can’t get at a usual mall.)

It’s this experience of discovery that we hope to […]

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Why talents with disabilities are being hired (Hint: it’s not out of kindness)

Employers that hire staff with disabilities do so for good reasons: It’s the good and right thing to do. It’s equal opportunity. Everybody knows that.

What many of these employers really want to tell everyone, however, is that having team members who have a disability or two makes good business sense.

We caught up with participants at […]

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