Booking of Facilities in Enabling Village

A modern retreat surrounded by luxuriant greenery, the Enabling Village offers meeting spaces and facilities with accessibility features. Situated in the charming estate of Redhill, the Enabling Village is only a short drive from the bustle of Orchard Road and a ten-minute walk from Redhill MRT. Whether you are planning to host a business meeting, […]

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An Introduction to Disability Management

Equip your organisation with a basic understanding of different types of disabilities and disability etiquette. Learn to attract and retain talents with disabilities by enhancing your recruitment process and integrating them into your workplace and team.

Learn about:

  • The business case for hiring talent with disabilities
  • How to interact with people who have disabilities
  • Practical tips on […]
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Caregivers-to-Caregivers Workshop

Come join us for a 7-week customised workshop on caregiving for persons with disabilities. […]

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Caregivers-to-Caregivers Workshop (Trial Lesson)

Come join us for a customised workshop for caregivers of persons with disabilities. […]

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ESP Employability Training

A course for newly enrolled Employment Support Programme (ESP) clients for future employment through structured employability enhancement training.

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Can virtual reality and the smart watch help children with special needs to travel independently?

When it comes to travelling to school and work, the special needs parent has much to worry about: Will my child get lost? Will they know what to do if they get into an accident? Who can help if they get into a meltdown? […]

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Online Collaboration

Learn about collaboration on the internet via social media, Microsoft Outlook and cloud computing.

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Social Media Marketing

Equip yourself with social media marketing skills. This course provides mentorship to trainees to help them find employment or start their own digital business.

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Digital Skills Enabling Training

Come and learn about job search skills, work life transition, managing emotions, resume writing and job interviewing skills through the use of computer and Internet.

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Skills Enabling Training (SET)

Learn about job search skills, work life transition, managing emotions, resume writing and job interviewing skills.



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