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Our Mission

The Enabling Village is both a community and a space. We are a collective of individuals and organisations that serve–and are supported by– people with diverse abilities. Our goal is to make the Enabling Village a place where people with different abilities can move independently; where they can feel accepted for who they are, and be valued for their contributions.

The Concept

As the newest integrated community space in Singapore, the Enabling Village represents a fresh approach to social businesses and community building.  The Enabling Village combines retail, lifestyle and training for disabled members of the community in an all-accessible public space.

A Holistic Design

The Enabling Village is a project at the intersection of architecture, lifestyle, technology and user experience design. Our programming and open spaces facilitate participation by visitors with disabilities; amenities, such as wheelchair-friendly washrooms, maximise use and freedom of movement. The Enabling Village is also a showcase of current assistive technologies and product/service design.

Social Business

We are home to several social businesses that balance commercial success with the social imperative of inclusivity. Staffed by both able-bodied and disabled individuals, they demonstrate that people with disabilities can make lively, vital contributions to society.

Empowerment Through Employment

We believe that embracing diverse experiences and abilities helps businesses grow. We believe it creates a culture of empowerment, innovation and renewal. We work with partners and voluntary welfare organisations to provide career advice, training and job placement and support to jobseekers with disabilities. We are also home to SG Enable’s Open Door Programme, which helps employers to hire and integrate staff who have disabilities.

The Human Touch

We seek to inspire and nurture the human spirit – We and our partners are staffed by people diverse in abilities, skills and ideas. But we do have one thing in common: we understand that each person brings a distinct life experience to the table.

Our Donors & Partners

The Enabling Village is an initiative by the Ministry of Social and Family Development and SG Enable Ltd.

Founding Donors

  • Tote Board
  • Community Chest (Care & Share Movement SG50)
  • Lee Foundation
  • Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd
  • Singapore Telecommunications Ltd
  • United Overseas Bank Ltd
  • Lien Foundation
  • SBF Foundation
  • Standard Chartered Bank
  • Sunray Woodcraft Construction Pte Ltd
  • WOHA

Supported By

  • Infocomm Media Development Authority
  • Singapore Workforce Development Agency