Enabling Village (EV) celebrates its 5th anniversary with a special feature in SG Enable’s Annual Report FY2020. The special feature includes a gramophone speaker cutout and highlights EV’s key milestones.

The award-winning EV, an adaptive reuse of a vocational institute built in the 1970s, has since transformed into an all-accessible inclusive space. It features universal design, fosters social and tech innovations, and enables disability-inclusive training and employment.

EV, a sensory-friendly place for persons with disabilities and an inviting sanctuary for neighbouring residents, shows what a caring and inclusive society can be.

Happy Birthday, Enabling Village!

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Today, Enabling Village is not just home to many social businesses, but also an important symbol of our society’s commitment to promote inclusion, community connectedness and empowerment.

– President Halimah Yacob

Why Gramophone Speaker?

The gramophone speaker symbolises a rallying call for all of us to build an inclusive society where persons with disabilities are fully accepted, and valued as integral members of society.

It takes a village of many helping hands to make this dream a reality for the whole of Singapore.

Join us in Building Dreams and Enabling Lives.

Download your own gramophone here.

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