Jobs & Training at the Enabling Village

We work with voluntary welfare organisations to provide career counsel and job matching services to people with disabilities and their caregivers. We are also home to SG Enable’s Job Placement & Job Support programme, which reaches out to employers–we believe that embracing diverse experiences and abilities helps businesses to grow and to create an culture of empowerment, innovation and renewal.

Information and Career Centre

The Job Placement and Job Support (JPJS) office provides assessment, career consultancy and job support.  Services provided by SG Enable, ARC, MINDS, and SPD. The JPJS office is located at the NEST block.

Employability and Employment Centre by ARC

The Employability and Employment Centre (E2C), which is operated by the Autism Resource Centre (ARC), provides training and customized employment for people with disabilities.

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Social Businesses

We are home to several social businesses that balance commercial success with the social imperative of inclusivity. Staffed by both able-bodied and disabled individuals, they demonstrate that people with disabilities can make lively, vital contributions to society.

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